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Innovation for Perimeter Security

Ontech’s technology is based on the control, management and measurement of magnetic and electrostatic fields (CMF). The evolution of this physical phenomenon has served Ontech for developing their own patented technology with a high innovative component, which allows the design and development of sensors that measure small variances in the lines of magnetic and electrostatic controlled fields. Patented sensor technology (CMF) has some characteristics that altogether provide a unique device:


The magnetic field technology is able to cross objects and walls (the frequency of operation in the range of KHz), allowing the sensor to be “hidden” behind or even inside a wall which is not possible with the conventional IR or microwave sensors; thus the intruder will not notice the presence of the sensors.


The sensor is able to detect the distance of an object up to 10-20 meters along the length of a wall (while other systems in the market have max. range of 4m) and 1.5 meters beyond the breadth of a wall


The sensor can detect the perturbation of a person own magnetic and electrostatic field; this magnetic and static field is much different from any object´s or even animals´. As a result, the sensor is able to distinguish between a person and any other type of intruder, thus reducing false alarms from 40% to 10%.


Distinguishing between different alarm levels

Prowling alarm

Its preventive function, detects when a person is approaching the security perimeter

Climbing alarm

Thanks to its dual electrode configuration, the activation of both of them confirms that a person is touching and climbing the wall.

Intrusion alarm

Once the person has passed the security perimeter, it gives an intrusion alarm.

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