Ontech at the Sensors Expo in California

Ontech exhibits its technological innovations for the first time at the Sensors Expo in California and participates as lecturers in the event, one of the world's leading manufacturers of sensors.

Ontech obtains UNE-EN-50131 certification

Ontech obtains UNE-EN-50131 certification, the highest degree of security, for its revolutionary Wardiam Perimeter device, which can now be used in critical installations.

Wardiam Perimeter at ISC West 2019

Ontech attends, for the fourth consecutive year, the ISC West 2019 in Las Vegas and attracts the attention of important companies with Wardiam PERIMETER.

Wardiam Perimeter at Ontech

In Ontech Security, we continue working on Wardiam Perimeter performance tests at Ontech's facilities perimeter.

Wardiam Perimeter at Emasesa

The installation of Wardiam Perimeter technology at EMASESA's facilities starts. In the following weeks, the system will be completely deployed and first tests will be carried out.

The Wardiam Perimeter project officially begins.

The development will last 18 months, ending in July 2019. During this time, several tasks aimed at optimizing perimeter security technology will be carried out. Field tests will be done in two different facilities. The product will be certified at the end of the project.