General Objectives


Wardiam Perimeter

Optimize WARDIAM PERIMETER technology to achieve a scalable and cost-effective security solution to be deployed on large perimeters in critical infrastructure in 18 months. This optimization must ensure:

• 50m2 as effective working area for each sensor with accuracy rate > 90%

• Improvements in the monitoring system to deal with complex situations of visibility (being able to identify people in complex situation (among group of people) and bad illumination conditions (night, rain).

Wardiam Perimeter

Technical Objectives

Detection Range

To stabilize the detection range of sensor to 1.5m (from the wall) and 20m (along the wall) ensuring its right working under any environmental condition (WP 1).


To increase accuracy and efficiency of video-tracking system (being able to identify people in complex situation (among group of people) and bad illumination conditions (night, rain, snow, etc.) (WP 1).

Monitoring software

To optimize the monitoring software to be used with a large number of sensors and cameras (WP 1).


To study the performance of the system under real boundary conditions and environmental situations (WP2).


To fine-tune algorithms based on performance results and continuous feedback received from final client (WP2).


To generate a dataset with data regarding the main influential parameters in the CMF behavior (WP 2).

First Test

To test HMI interface working on an operational real system (WP 2).

Field Tests

To deploy the Wardiam System in an end user's (EMASESA) critical infrastructure (WP 3).


To validate the system performance under real operation and study the user’s experience as well as to add new data from real operation to the dataset in order to improve its quality (WP 3)

Wardiam Perimeter

Commercial objectives

- To get ready for market launch with an industrial product, obtain the CE Marking for European commercialization (WP4).

- To be in compliance at least with Security Grade 2 and Environmental Class III certifications and to ensure to be in compliance with UL for commercializing in US (WP4).

- To disseminate information about the project’s activities and results, promote the project visibility by creating an own identity (WP5).

- To create communication channels to interact with the scientific community and target audiences, to position WARDIAM PERIMETER facing their stakeholders and market and to communicate how the project can contribute to improve people´s security (WP5).

- To sign at least one commercial agreements with OEMs by Month 17 (WP5)