The University of Huelva

The University of Huelva is a young dynamic institution, striving for excellence and a brilliant future for its 12,000 students. Since the university gained its independence from Seville University in 1993, it has continued to grow and they now have a brand new campus with modern facilities and installations. The Polytechnic school of la rabida specializes in research and design of electronic miniaturization and has been involved in numerous technology transfer projects collaborating with Spanish SMEs contributing to the high-tech field.

UHU will support Ontech in the task 1.1: Optimization of electronics for integration into large infrastructures, step 1: Increase sensitivity and decrease of consumption of CMF sensor.

UHU will cover the work realized in step 1, redesign the CMC sensor to increase the sensitivity of the CMC sensor and decrease its consumption. Using LT-Spice software, a deep study of the LC oscillator circuit will be made by the University of Huelva. Studying both, transient and stationary response will determine the best values for the inductance and capacitance array in order to determine the best oscillator to get the distance range required (1.5m (from the wall) and 20m (along the wall)). Different transistors will be tested to ensure the input voltage required without increasing the system consumption and varying its features neither. Once the new design is determined the , the consumption of the sensor has to be reduced. Therefore, a new polarization of the consumption has to be decreased. A new polarization of the input transistors will be carried out, and due to the increasing of the input voltage, different regulators will be optimized or even removed.

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CATEC is a technology center that carries out its activity on seven strategic areas:

- New composite materials, its production processes, life cycle and recycling. Automation of the production, assembly, inspection and testing

- New embedded systems (electric, hydraulic, compressed air, fuel, etc.) aimed at achieving the more efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft.

- New avionics systems and subsystems, especially with application to general, sport and business aviation, as well as Very Light Jets.

- Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, its applications and associated technologies. Focus on commercial, civil and security applications. UAV as a platform for flight-testing.

- Development of computer simulation techniques and its applications to systems, platforms and/or vehicles (integrated systems).

- Development of techniques, components, subsystems, systems and special applications.

Therefore, CATEC is a development tool that bases its work on technical excellence and agility in responding to its customers and aims to become, the next years, one of the R&D national and international reference center for developing the aerospace technology.

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