WP2: Testing market requirements

Objective n.1

Deploy the Wardiam System in a 350 meters perimeter (18 WARDIAM systems (mainboards+72 CMF sensors), and 18 cameras).

Objective n.2

Study the performance of the system under real boundary conditions and environmental situations.

Objective n.3

Fine-tune algorithms based on performance results and continuous feedback received from final client in WP3.

Objective n.4

Generate a dataset with data regarding the main influential parameters in the CMF behaviour.

Objective n.5

Test HMI interface working on an operational real system.

Task 2.1

Install WARDIAM PERIMETER system in Ontech's facilities perimeter

To ensure the best performance of the system not only functionally, but also from the market point of view, a real WARDIAM PERIMETER system will be deployed in Ontech’s facilities in order to fine-tune the algorithms throughout the statistical analysis of the data gathered during WP2.

Task 2.2

System performance Tests

To carry out the fine tuning, it is necessary to make several tests in order to study the response of the system and characterize the changes obtained in it.

Task 2.3

Data collection and statistical analysis

From the data gathered in the different tests carried out during this work package, several statistical analyses will be developed. Distinct big data techniques will be developed in order to introduce more intelligence into the algorithms, allowing them not only to be more accurate, but also to be able to learn from past experiences and adapt their models.