WP3: Commercial trial & Evaluation

Objective n.1

Deployment of the Wardiam System in an end user's (EMASESA) critical infrastructure of 1250 meters perimeter length (63 systems (mainboards+252 CMF sensors), 63 cameras).

Objective n.2

Validate the system performance under real operation.

Objective n.3

Study the user’s experience.

Objective n.4

Add new data from real operation to the dataset in order to improve its quality.

Task 3.1

Install WARDIAM PERIMETER system in EMASESA’s critical infrastructure perimeter

Deployment of the Wardiam System in an end user's (EMASESA) critical infrastructure.

Task 3.2

System demonstration tests

In order to get feedback from end user, different tests will be carried out. From these tests Ontech will received the client’s review of the response of the system and their experience as user of the technology.

Task 3.3

Data collection and statistical analysis

From the data gathered from the different tests carried out during 3.2, several statistical analyses will be developed. Due to the big data techniques are based on huge amounts of data, the information gathered during these tests will be analysed and subsequently added to the dataset of the system in order to increase the number of cases and data studied.