WP4: Industrialisation & Certification

Objective n.1

Get ready for market launch with an industrial product.

Objective n.2

Get the CE Marking for European commercialization.

Objective n.3

To be in compliance at least with Security Grade 2 and Environmental Class III certifications.

Objective n.4

Ensure to be in compliance with UL for commercializing in US.

Task 4.1

Industrialisation of the product

Once the prototype is ready and has been tested on real applications (e.g. EMASESA’s facilities), and fine adjust should be needed to optimize the electronics and ensure the enclosure is reliable for mass production.

Task 4.2

Product Certification

This is the last step to get ready for the market once the industrialization has been done. This is the legal statements that needs to be passed to be allowed to introduce the product into the market. Once it is known what regulation is applicable to the product, the next stage is to test in the certifier’s laboratories to obtain all the accordance needed to start the sales.