WP5: Community building, Project Promotion & Communication.

Objective n.1

Disseminate information about the project’s activities and results.

Objective n.2

Promote the project visibility by creating an own identity.

Objective n.3

Create communication channels to interact with the scientific community and target audiences.

Objective n.4

Position WARDIAM PERIMETER facing their stakeholders and market.

Objective n.5

Communicate how the project can contribute to improve people´s security.

Task 5.1

Project Promotion

In order to facilitate the development project monitoring, distinct channels of promotion will be opened. The objective is to launch a broad information of the project reaching the widest audience.

Task 5.2

Result Dissemination

Several relevant technical results are expected throughout the project. In this task, not only their dissemination is looked for, but also the discussion about these. The objective is to work together scientist community to increase the value of the results and generate knowledge.

Task 5.3

Market Positioning

For the purpose of positioning the product in the market, even before that WARDIAM PERIMETER becomes a reality, different marketing actions will be made. The objective is to create expectations on stakeholders and draw the attention to market.