WP6: Project Management

Objective n.1

Efficient overall management of project ensuring effective progress towards goals & objectives. Ensure that goals and objectives are clearly defined and visible throughout project.

Objective n.2

Monitor progress between planned and actual activities, identify risks and issue corrective action plans are met.

Objective n.3

Provide efficient financial management and keep records of invoices and expenses.

Objective n.4

Intellectual property supervision and extension of patent WO2016034753A1.

Objective n.5

To perform project reporting to the European Commission.

Task 6.1

Strategic and technical coordination

It is necessary to ensure that the different stages of the project are aligned with the company’s strategic plan and to guarantee that the main technical and technological lines of the project supply the requirements of the market.

Task 6.2

Internal and external reporting coordination

The execution of the project needs the effective coordination of the project team, outsourcing entities and other collaborators. Also, it is necessary the supervision of the project progress, detecting future requirements, deviations and risks.

Task 6.3

IP Management

The knowhow is one of the main resources of Ontech. For this reason, its supervision and protection is very important to ensure the proper R&D development of the company. This task is focused on carrying out an exhaustive vigilance of the intellectual property generated throughout of the project.